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Weekly Church Bulletin

Willits SDA Church

January 22, 2022


Adult Sabbath School – Tony Cook


Call To Worship: The Praise Team

Welcome and Announcements 

Praise Songs: The Praise Team

Invocation: Don Smith

Offering: Conference Advance – Joan Hamilton

Children’s Story: Haley Trimmer

Scripture: Isaiah 43:1-3 – Noble Capps II

Prayer: Joan Hamilton

Video: “Take Courage” – Kristine DiMarco

Sermon: “It Takes Courage to be Courageous” – Margaret Smith

Video: “Perfect Peace” – Laura Story

Closing Prayer – Margaret Smith


 Zoom Link: 9258842657 here 


We will be meeting indoors or by Zoom. Wear a mask and social distance. 

Prayer Meeting Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Meeting at the Friendship House or by Zoom.