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Weekly Church Bulletin



May 14, 2022


Call To Worship: The Praise Team

Welcome and Announcements 

Praise Songs: The Praise Team

Invocation: Valerie Trimmer

Offering: Joshua  – Georgine Hultz/Joan Hamilton

Children’s Story: “Our Name”– Margaret Smith

Scripture: 1 John 4:11-16 – Georgine Hultz

Prayer: Georgine Hultz

Special Music: “One Pair of Hands”-Carroll Robertson

Sermon:“Table Talk: The Signature”

Closing Prayer – Don Smith 


–––––   Announcements   ––––– 

May 14, 2022

Welcome Guests! Please join us for our Hospitality Lunch next door at our Friendship House after the service.

• Beginning the month of June the all church “Haystack” Hospitality Lunch will be moved to the first Sabbath of the month. And the Sabbath there is no Hospitality Lunch will be moved to the fourth Sabbath of the month.

• Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Meeting at the Friendship House or by Zoom. Zoom Link: 925 884 2657 

• Cell phone courtesy: We ask that you set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off during services. Thank you.

• We will be meeting indoors or by Zoom. Wear a mask and social distance. Zoom Link: 925 884 2657

Please submit bulletin info to Valerie Trimmer by Friday noon. 


–––––   Looking Ahead   –––––


    Monday, June 13

            Finance Committee – 5:00 p.m. (Friendship House)

            Church Board – 6:00 p.m. (Friendship House)     


    Sabbath, May 14

            Sabbath ends/Sunset – 8:19 p.m. 

    Wednesday, May 18

            Prayer Meeting – 7:00 p.m. (Friendship House/Zoom)    

     Friday, May 20

            Praise Team Practice – 6:00 p.m.

            Sabbath begins/Sunset – 8:24 p.m.  


–––––  Up-Coming Speakers/Worship Coordinator  –––––   

May 21 – Marty Robbins/Don Smith

May 28 – Dennis Porter/Dennis Porter

June 4 – Don Smith/Margaret Smith